Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe is an established but growing brand creating designer jewellery, ethically made and inspired by nature, and handmade in London for over 30 years. The brand has grown from a first collection to now a range of collections, including iconic pieces like the bumblebee necklace, favoured by those to whom style and beauty should be effortless but considered.

The challenge

As well as pieces being spotted adorning main characters in hit BBC dramas The Split and Killing Eve, 2019 saw expansion to a new Covent Garden boutique (alongside the flagship London Bridge boutique) and with orders growing at a keen rate, the online store became the focus for nurturing this growth.

Having worked with Alex and the team for many years, we had already run a pilot conversion rate optimisation project, focusing particularly on mobile conversion. This saw increased revenue and informed the need to develop the website as a window to the brand; with upscaled functionality and usability.

Our solution

Using the powerful and capable Magento 2 Commerce platform, we have crafted a beautiful space in which to explore the brand’s collections, whilst giving the editors control to build the brand story.

Alex Monroe website homepage

Beautifully designed

The website is a window to the brand. It is a space to explore and fall in love with the collections and individual pieces.

White space is embraced fully to allow space for the products to be seen and admired.

Alex Monroe website product pages displayed on mobile device

Seamless user journey

Not only does the site look stunning, but the usability matches up to the aesthetics.

Features such as a simplified navigation, filters, and an express checkout, all in a responsive design, make for a delightful user experience.

Powerful M2 capability

Magento 2 Commerce enables functions such as returns, repairs and appointments to be efficiently managed between online and the boutiques.

A variety of integrations for payments, search, marketing, personalisation, and many more are handled with ease.


Alex Monroe website product page on mobile device

Editorial layout

Users become immersed in the brand through exploration of the collections and the stories behind them.

Content is woven in with the products in order that a user can indulge in exploring a piece as they would if leafing through a glossy magazine.

The result

The initial period immediately following the launch of a new website is expected to be accompanied by a small drop in traffic. As this launch was at the beginning of the crucial Christmas shopping season it was imperative that we got everything right in the design, build and deployment of the new website to minimise this effect.

Remarkably, when looking at analytics data, it is impossible to tell when the new site launched, as there is no drop in traffic. Indeed, there is a continuous upward trend in both traffic and revenue, with a 20.7% increase in revenue over the previous 15 days after launch.

We are certain that the coming year is going to be the best yet for Alex Monroe and that the new website will play a large part in the cohesive cross-channel experience afforded to the brand’s loyal and new customers.


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