Digital Insights and Optimisation

Having a website or an app is the first step on the journey to having a robust online strategy. To make the most of this platform, we want to concentrate on the extra 1% – the small changes which can have a big impact on your business. This is the continuous improvement loop needed to stay ahead of the digital game and ensure you are maximising your platform.

laptop on desk with analytics programme open

Digital Discovery & Analysis

The continuous improvement journey starts by understanding your users and customers. We use a number of analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Flurry as well as practices such as Jobs To Be Done to give us insights into your users’ online activities and actions. We gather and use this data to create recommendations for optimisation in bespoke, custom reports. There are a range of elements to the audit:

  • Advance insight reporting of monthly traffic
  • Exploration of user demographics
  • Competitor analysis
  • In-depth user behaviour analysis (e.g. checkout funnel analysis)
Chess player gaining the upper hand

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Once you have a website or app online the work isn’t finished! We strive for continuous improvement, and want to help you make the most of your platform. This can be anything from improving mobile conversion rate to increasing revenue by improved UX.

We use data insights and carry out UX analysis to discover areas of improvements to concentrate on and follow through with A/B testing. These are the steps in our process:

  • Discovery – In-depth insights analysis
  • Design and development – creating A/B test variants
  • Run tests – for a specified time and user segment
  • Analysis and QA – review of test results
  • Continuous improvement – implement changes and/or refine tests
Monkey shouting from tree depicting SEO in action

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation should be part of any website’s marketing strategy – we need to let the world know you are there. Ranking highly on Google will ensure you have higher traffic which is also most likely to convert. Users using search have already the intent to purchase as they are searching for it. Now it is our job to make sure these users find your products! We offer a range of services:

  • SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Search Strategies (keyword analysis)
  • Content Strategy
  • Local SEO
  • Voice Search
  • Mobile first indexing review