Swansea City FC Apps Shortlisted for Innovation and Technology at Football Business Awards

It’s always a great start to the day to be notified that two projects, that you have thoroughly enjoyed working on, have been nominated for two awards.

The 2018 Football Business Awards have shortlisted the Swansea City FC Official Swans app and Player Wellbeing app in the Best Use of Technology in a Football Club category, and the Official Swans App has also been nominated for the Innovation Award.

About the Projects

The Official Swans app is engaging fans and augmenting the excitement and anticipation of the big kick-off for fans at the game and at home and keeping the buzz going after the final whistle. The app made Swansea fans the first to hold match-day tickets on their phones at the start of the year.

The app offers a way for fans to connect with their club, with each other, and feel part of a community, consuming everything Swans they need (and this really is about need when you are so passionately supporting your football team) at their fingertips.

The Swansea Players app has developed an informative welcome brochure into a quick and easy-to-use app that can be updated simply and when needed, forming a reliable source of information for players from their club. With crucial support services information, the app is helping with easing the transition to a new club and providing ongoing support, putting mental health at the top of the agenda for players.

These projects have drawn on and expanded our deep understanding of digital relationships in sport and how fan engagement is about satisfying the needs of fans on match days and non-match days as well as at the venue and away from it.

About the Football Business Awards

The Football Business Awards recognise and reward the hard work that takes place in supporting the success of the game. This is the national event at which all the achievements off the pitch are celebrated at the end of each year.

Innovation Award

“Football never stands still and its ability to adapt to a changing world is a key to its success. This award recognises the change-makers; those who disrupt and challenge; those who invent and create. This award recognises innovation which stays true to the spirit and traditions of the game but nevertheless helps take football into the future.”

Best Use of Technology in a Football Club

“This award should be entered by any club or company using technology in a compelling and interesting way. The entry should demonstrate how the technology has a measurable impact on customer experience or commercial profitability.”

Your Next Project

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