App Clips: Reaching More Ospreys Fans

Ospreys fans now have the chance to experience a bite-size snippet of the full-featured app with a news article taster in the form of an instantly available App Clip on iPhone, with no need for a full download.

What is an App Clip?

Available on iOS 14, App Clips are small parts of an app that are fast and lightweight, allowing a user to open them quickly and get a taster of an app or complete certain tasks.

These are a great way for users to experience an app without having to download the full app from the App Store. At under 10MB, they are lightning fast, launching within seconds.

Ospreys News App Clip

The Ospreys app offers the best experience for mobile users, with a subtly more fluid experience compared to the mobile website.

From today fans reading news articles on the mobile website will have the option to view the article in an App Clip by tapping on “OPEN” in a banner that will appear at the top of the news article (note: if you have the app already installed, this banner will take you straight to the app):

App clip on iOS mobile website

Once in the news article in the app clip, the fan is then given the option to download the full app from the App Store via a banner at the bottom of the article.

Reaching New Audiences

News articles are the most read pages on but so many fans still don’t realise they could be navigating to the latest news so quickly by tapping open the app where they then have all the extra benefits that the app brings in terms of content, functionality, and usability.

Not only does the app have all the latest news, but everything else a fan needs from fixtures, scores, line-ups, to the Live Match Centre, and links to ticketing and retail.

News, F&B, Retail…

App Clips give you the chance to show your audience what they are missing by not downloading your app. They are also the chance to enable specific tasks to be completed without the need to download the full app at that time.

Once we’ve crafted your feature-packed app, if you’ve chosen to include stadium F&B ordering then you’re already onto a winner, and now you can add an App Clip so that fans can simply tap their phone on an NFC tag, and instantly order their refreshments. No hassle, no wait.

If you have native retail in your app, then why not add a QR code to the matchday programme, or on seat flyers, to take the fans straight to an App Clip that allows them to buy a matchday shirt quickly and easily? Then once they have completed this task, they can download the full app for future use.

There are so many ways to encourage users to try out your app and also so many ways to make use of specific features of your app for particular jobs in certain places or at certain times.

App clips on iOS on mobile

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