ZAM! We're in

In the Zeplin Agency Membership family that is. We’re flying high after being welcomed into the ZAM community. This is a group of talented digital agencies who are harnessing the collaborative power of Zeplin to produce outstanding work.

About Zeplin

Zeplin is a connected workspace to share, organise and collaborate on designs. Our designers plug their design files into Zeplin and it gives the developers an accurate breakdown of each element on the screen simply by clicking on it. From these elements they can view a brief snippet of code for the to use as the basis of their build. This is a huge time-saver and means that, by everyone in the team accessing project through Zeplin, everyone always has the most recent version at their fingertips.

We wrote a bit more about this gamechanger of a design-development collaboration tool, and why we use it, here.

How our clients benefit

By using Zeplin we are able to design accurate, live interfaces far more quickly and with less ambiguity resulting in a far quicker QA process. For our clients it means their beautiful, powerful product is realised sooner and they can be confident that the design and development process has led to the end product that is at least as fantastic as they first imagined.

The importance of ZAM

The Zeplin team tell us “As more and more of our users are requesting assistance they frequently ask, “who are the experts?” Today, we’re excited to introduce our community of Zeplin Agency Members to help!”

So, we’re really honoured to be one of the agencies in their match-making pool.

It’s great to be able to work that bit more closely with Zeplin to ensure that we are getting the most out of the tool for our team and our clients and also to be able to offer our clients free access to Zeplin.