Video Clips Enhance In-Play Match Info

An example of a client, that we have worked with for many years, embracing the video revolution is the ECB. The ECB is the single national governing body for all cricket played in England and Wales.

The ECB Cricket app posed the challenge of presenting complex data in a digestible and compelling format. The ECB iPhone App was launched in June 2009 and secured its place in the Apple Top 10 Sports Apps for that year. It has since seen several updates and been joined by the equally well-received ECB Android App and Apple watch app.

There have been many improvements to this already successful app (I suppose it’s a given that apps need to evolve, you know that, but updates for the sake of it or purely for bug fixes aren’t going to be cutting any edges) and the way video content is utilised in the app was the recent focus. Incorporating video into any media stream needs to be relevant and the placement of it is key to its effective consumption.

A large proportion of this app’s users will be downloading it as the best way to access match scores. The ancillary content further enhances the overall experience with the app. Social media feeds, news articles and indeed video have always been key features of the app but now the use of congruent video clips woven into the score screen was a natural next step.

For any app that seeks to engage rather than simply inform its users, incorporating video can serve to further enhance the overall experience for the user.