Swansea City FC Lead the Field with New Player Information and Wellbeing App

Transforming a player manual into an easily accessible app to engage new players and support their mental wellbeing
When new players sign for Swansea City Football Club they currently receive a book with useful information about the club and local area to facilitate their integration into their new club and also, equally as importantly, into their new home city.

Much of this information changes regularly and needs updating quickly and easily and so transformation of the book into an app is a natural progression and we are very proud to be working with the club on this development . The app will then ensure information is at the players’ fingertips with easy access to maps and important contact information.

A crucial section of this app is addition of information and contact details for mental health support resources. The club recognises that the mental and emotional wellbeing of players is vitally important and are undertaking to support their players in this area.

The design of the app is important in encouraging new players to use and rely on it for up-to-date and accurate information and we have been able to draw on a wealth of experience in the sports sector, having already helped a number of high-profile organisations increase audiences, fan engagement and revenues by maximising their digital presence. Most recently we helped cricket fans to experience enhanced in-play match information by weaving video clips into the score screen, a neat touch to keep fans engaged.

As well as currently working with Swansea City FC on their player information and wellbeing app, we are also excited to be partnering with the club to develop their fan app. Following on from the hugely successful Arsenal FC fan app (recently recognised by the Webbys), we are eager to see this progressive club developing digital assets that reflect their status as a forward-thinking club in the elite echelon of English and Welsh football.

Whilst the content of the Swansea City FC player app is altruistic in nature and the intention is not to generate revenue, it must still engage the user in order to be of any value. We’ve previously written about why a football club needs an app as we believe there is great value in putting the information a user most values in the palm of their hand where it is most quickly and easily accessible.