Scoring a Security A Grade

A number of football clubs have recently set out with a new partner to develop their own website and we’re proud to have delivered high performing sites for 9 new clubs this summer. As well as a carefully considered look and feel we also take performance and security seriously and are pleased to say that all our club websites are “A” rated in a key security assessment.


There is a lot to take into account in the design of a website and security is a key consideration. Supporters won’t be aware of how secure a website is unless something goes wrong but they will expect it to be secure and clubs need peace of mind. The implementation of HTTP security headers is widely considered best practice when it comes to website security.

What are HTTP security headers?

When a user tries to access a web page the browser requests it from a web server. The server then responds with the content and the HTTP response headers (including security headers) instruct the browser how to handle the web page’s content.

Why do they matter?

The security headers contain data that ensure your website behaves as you intend. For example by implementing the Strict-Transport-Security header you force the browser to communicate solely over HTTPS (a secure, protected connection between the user and your website).

These headers therefore help to mitigate against attacks and security vulnerabilities and you shouldn’t be without them.

Using a freely available tool we checked the status of all of our websites and every one achieved an “A” grade, meaning they benefit from being the most secure websites across the EFL.

It’s also worth noting that HTTP security headers can positively impact SEO, so anyone creating content for their website will want to know that they have these features implemented.

Speed matters too

Our websites are also some of the fastest so whilst clubs will appreciate the security features it’s the supporters that will appreciate the speed. We’ll write more about this very soon as it’s important you know just how well your website performs and how to understand performance reports.

A final word on design

We appreciate that how good a website looks is subjective and can’t be run through an auditing tool but we place a great deal of value on a club’s identity. After all, a football club is an integral part of its community. It’s a big part of so many people’s lives. It matters.

It’s been a busy summer so far and we have taken the time to create 9 individual websites, all powered by our Clubcast fan experience platform (FXP), each with its own identity.

We’re proud to have delivered websites for these new partners that look great and are also secure and fast. We’ll be launching apps for these clubs very soon and supporters can expect more high quality output from their clubs.

To find out more about how you can deliver a digital fan experience that performs as well as it looks get in touch today.

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