Other Media Recognised at Sports Business Awards

As a team that pride ourselves on the quality of our output as well as of our service it’s an honour to be recognised by the Sports Business Awards as being a contender for the Best Business Serving Sport (Under £3m Turnover).

Other Media are renowned as the talented team delivering outstanding fan-focused digital experiences, centred around world-class apps, with dedication to doing what it takes to deliver the products a fan needs with the service a client deserves.

We help national and international sports organisations transform their digital experience through highly engaging, integrated, and easy-to-manage digital products that enable them to grow their audience, deepen engagement, and generate significant revenue.

Exploring and understanding digital opportunities with our clients and delivering to an impeccably high standard leaves fans proud and the organisation more profitable than ever before.

"We believe in delivering the best possible experiences through considered design, comprehensive functionality, and by never standing still. Many of our firsts, like in-app ticketing or iOS widgets, become standard as they are what fans need.

"Clients come to us not when they need a cheap solution but when they need the right solution. Because of the quality of our products and service they stick around and we develop trusted, long-term partnerships."

George Crabb, Managing Director

Other Media

The Sports Business Awards recognise and reward achievement by the teams behind the scenes that facilitate sporting excellence and endeavours. They salute and champion their resilience, adaptability and resourcefulness.

The judging panel is made up of Chief Executives of Sports Governing Bodies – all individuals whose knowledge, expertise and experience gives them special insight into the challenges and demands of sports business success.

Designed to celebrate the vital influence of business within sport, the Sports Business Awards recognise the organisations, teams and individuals who excel in their roles.

If you’re looking for the best team to deliver easy-to-manage, beautifully crafted, fully-featured, and cost-effective fan engagement tools then get in touch and let’s help you engage fans and boost revenues.

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