Social Media Benchmarking Template: how to help a client plan their strategy

We have decided to publish our Social Media Benchmarking Template to engage both clients and other digital agencies in helping us decide the essential components of a digital strategy.
We are helping many clients with their digital strategy and that includes social media and social marketing: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Email and blogging.
At Other Media we believe that this must be an integrated conversation that involves the whole customer journey from social to their site and back to social. Putting this part of their strategy out to independent agencies has caused many organisations to lose the joined up thinking that an effective digital strategy needs.

Here is the Social Media Benchmarking Template for you to download and use.
It is a work in progress and we would love comments from other agencies or from clients and prospects. We have published it under a Creative Commons licence so you are free to use it as you want; except you cannot charge for it, adapt it without the same licence or fail to give us a mention as the authors.
In the template (10 pages) we include the following:

  1. Overview of current social media activities
  2. Organisational reactions to social media
  3. Competitor identification
  4. Keyword and keyphrase identification
  5. Website benchmarking
  6. Facebook benchmarking
  7. Twitter benchmarking
  8. Blogging and commenting benchmarking
  9. Suggested actions

If you have found this interesting then please let us know. If you want to keep in touch with me then follow @jonathanbriggs on Twitter