Next Generation Browsing: Faster Websites with HTTP/3

Website performance matters. If your site has performance issues, like being slow to load, then your users will drop off. This is why all our Clubcast websites run on the latest technology that supports HTTP/3.

HTTP is a protocol for a web browser to request information from a server – to display a web page that you are wanting to view.

The latest evolution of this technology is HTTP/3, a new protocol that has made things faster and smoother than ever before, and all our Clubcast websites support HTTP/3 for optimum performance.

Speed matters

When trying to view a web page your browser will send a request to the server to display the information. When the browser recognises that the website supports HTTP/3 everything gets super fast, especially on mobile devices.

Quicker page loading

HTTP/2 (that most websites are still using) suffers from “head of line blocking” – if a single part of the page fails to download fully then everything stops loading (that dreaded hanging loading bar) until it recovers. With HTTP/3, only that single part of the page is affected, everything else keeps downloading, meaning pages load a lot more quickly and reliably, especially on public WiFi and mobile networks.

Smoother on the move

When mobile devices switch between WiFi and cellular networks there can be a real drop in performance. HTTP/3 eliminates the need for a new connection when this happens and can reuse the reliability and security settings, enabling a fast, seamless transition between networks.

Apps at their best

HTTP/3 also greatly enhances app performance. So for the more than 70% of football club fans that use their club’s app* the faster loading and improved battery life deliver a premium mobile experience.

How’s your performance?

We’re proud to enable our clients to benefit from this advance in website hosting technology. We take website performance, as well as security, seriously because end users deserve the best experience and this ultimately benefits our clients.

Do you know if your website runs on HTTP/3? Check for yourself using this free tool.


*in a recent survey of over 2000 supporters of clubs that have our Clubcast-hosted websites and apps, on average 73% of those surveyed used their club’s app.