Mobile First Indexing: A Guide to the Impact on Your Website

Google are rolling out mobile-first indexing and you need to be prepared.

Everything Google is doing is about the user – so making sure your site is best serving your users is all you need to do….simple! But you need to understand the rules that Google is using to decide what is user friendly. In this instance we are talking particularly about being mobile-friendly. Your site might be the epitome of user-friendliness, but if you aren’t making that overtly clear to Google, you might miss out in the indexing, and subsequently ranking, from Google.

In this guide, we will delve into:

  • A recap of indexing and ranking of web pages
  • Ways to create mobile-optimised websites
  • What mobile-first indexing is
  • The impact of mobile-first indexing on different site designs
  • How to get the most from mobile-first indexing for your website
  • What action to take now