Exploring Generative Print Possibilities with the Fedrigoni Calendar 2024

The Fedrigoni Calendar is a project that we look forward to each year as a chance to explore a new creative brief and flex different create muscles with a focus on print, application, and finding concepts to align and complement the theme of the calendar.

Now in its 7th iteration, Other Media has had the honour of contributing to this project for another year, this time interpreting the date April 16th, using the orange palette that was supplied.

The brief for this calendar was to use one of two assigned colour palettes, orange or green, and to produce a piece of artwork that could be changed using generative colour printing techniques, meaning that your design could appear in a truly outstanding number of combinations, and appear within a book that was truly unique as no two versions that were printed would use the same combination, or ordering of colours, and when that’s combined with the number of pages and participants, it becomes mind boggling.

The launch event, attended by our Creative Director, Matt, was held at the Craft Council Building on London’s Pentonville Road. It was a relaxed and informal affair, with contributing designers collecting copies of the calendar, having the opportunity to snap up proofing sheets where the designs were shown in a variety of possible combinations, peruse the full calendar on the walls and mingle with peers over a beer or two.

The breadth of work exhibited was amazing, with some stand out pieces that truly pushed the boundary of what could be achieved with the technology. A personal favourite from the green book was April 22nd by Studio 2br who crafted a sweet and tasty set of 3D jelly beans, complete with shadows to create some true depth and texture.

With 2024 being a leap year, Feb 29th was allocated to Oswin Tickler, the mind behind the HP Spark software, which produces the generative design to create each unique issue. His design, built from a multitude of illustrator artboards and layered in two colours, produces millions of possible colour and shape combinations meaning that no two versions of the date will ever be printed in the same way. This date is printed on Sirio Ultra Black, and rightfully so stands out as a beautiful anomaly amongst a sea of white pages.

We can’t wait to keep leafing through the book and discovering new days, designs, and concepts and look forward to hopefully contributing again to future editions.

This year’s edition can be purchased from Counter Print for £17.50.
Design and concept: ™ Studio
Printing: FE Burman
Bound: by Diamond Print Finishers