Christmas Greeting Challenge

Quite simply, we wanted to bring you a homegrown Christmas greeting, but as we always have the stylistic talents of our creative team at the fore, we wanted to involve everyone this year, no matter the level of graphic design experience!

And so, on a dreary December day, the team gathered in the studio ready to set out on our team Christmas day.

Whilst gathered around an expertly sugar-shaken pandoro, and sipping champagne, the team were ambushed by a creative team brandishing Post-It notes and Sharpies. Their weapons of choice.

“Everyone take 3 Post-Its and a Sharpie” came the first command.

The stationery passed around the table as confused expressions abounded.

“You all have 30 seconds to draw a Christmas tree on one Post-It, a present on another, and a snowman on the third. GO!”

Chaos ensued as a bunch of rational adults suddenly became flustered and started to frantically scrawl. The result, though, was a wonderful variety of sketches that, when blended together by the evil overlords that set us the challenge, created our simple but cheerful Christmas gifs.

We hope you like them.

Merry Christmas.